My Work - Poetry

The Waves

It is the wave coming ..
It is the wave receding ..
So are the vagaries of life, my love.
If life at times is harsh on us
Do not be sad, my love.
Smile to me tenderly.
Oh, how sweet is your smile!
* * * * *
It is the wave playing
It is the wave having fun ..
It will come and go
And come and go again
So if today is harsh
Perhaps tomorrow will be kinder.
And if a beguiling glance is cast your way today
Be not deceived, my love,
For tomorrow it may become a fickle frown.
But do not grieve my love, my music, my fragrance,
Hand me the cup of love,
Filled with sweet nectar.
Soothe my parched soul —
Never let my cup run dry!
It is the world - sweet and bitter,
So why should we despair,
My love, sister of the moon,
But yet more beautiful.
Fill the cup of love to the brim and let us drink
So that we may drown our lingering sorrow in its bowl
If we do not rejoice now, when will we ever do?
* * * *
It is the wave playing ..
It is the wave billowing
Surging angrily, harshly,
As though to welcome violence.
But so long as your image sleeps in my eyelids,
So long as my heart throbs with yearning,
So long as your heart flutters with love,
Then will our love never drown
But forever ride the surf.
And if the waves could come between us,
They would dry up!
In our hearts will always be
The song of Love
Despite everything

Abu Dhabi, 1972