My Work - Poetry


And when you return to me.. despite distances..
I feel that radiance lighting my face again,
And I hear the sound of sticks in the wheels of my life cracking - under the radiance,
Under the stars that twinkle in my eyes -
Like thin twigs
I kiss your eyelids ... while seas and mountains hold us apart
And from the sea I seek inspiration
I read in its every shape a philosophy.
I learn to probe the secrets of serenity
And to realize the turbulence of wrath
And on the dancing waves I witness a new charm
of the full moon
As it breaks into glittering fragments.
Thence I understand restlessness...
And how sleeplessness enhances the beauty of
your drooping lids.
I kiss your eyelids...
But the seas and mountains remain
And every mountain touched by my gaze inspires
me with the meaning of loftiness,
And the philosophy of patience and endurance.
And when the arms encircle you
After yearning...
When time yields, but place does not...
I hug my longing to my chest
And wonder how within my arms the two incompatibles unite
The heights of violence ... and extreme tenderness -
And thence I do not feel the length of distance ...
...The seas ...
...The waves ...
...The night ...
...Or the mountain heights ...
I only feel the radiance invading my soul
And the exuberance of beauty.

Dubai, 1982