My Work - Poetry


What is globalization ?
Is it a new religion ?
Everything in it appears beautiful at a distance
Elections ..
The Gatt..
Technology ..
Always going forward
And human rights ..
Is it a useful religion ?
Then why is it forced on people with iron and fire ?
And why has it changed worshippers into slaves ?
What is globalization ?
Is it throwing “dishdashas” into dustbins
So that the jeans becomes the dress of boys and girls
And McDonald the favourite food
And Cocacola the favourite drink
And our culture becomes violence and sex
Of all shapes and colours
Designed cunningly by human devils
To brainwash children
And brainwash adults
Day and night,
And night and day,
With every TV set,
And every satellite station,
And every video tape…
What is globalization?
Is it the sell out by all nations
Of their civilizations
And their histories
For all histories have ended
So did say Fokayama
Without vagueness
There is just one model to seek
It carries all the stars
So follow it if you want to survive
To avoid the clash of civilizations
And avoid the raids
When the soldiers come
And the flags
And ending up like Red Indians.
What is globalization?
Is it the search in a darkroom
Full of black snakes
For a jewel,
A bewitching gem
What is globalization ?
Is it the rescue rope for the various regimes
And for our Arab and Muslim nations
Or is it a tight noose.
What is globalization ?
Is it good and evil ?
A vague mix from which no one can escape ?
So go close , but cautiously
Here is a danger signboard
Two bones and a skull…
What is globalization ?
What is globalization ?

Dubai, 1995