My Work - Poetry


If I am to live my life all over again
I would do countless matters
That I should have done
And would avoid countless matters
That I should have never done
But is it ever possible for the lost past to become the future
Or for a river to run upstream?

Some celebrated personalities make me laugh
When they are interviewed by the media
They are asked how would they live
If they had their life all over again
And they say exactly as they lived
Without any change.
Is this arrogance?
Or fraud?

If I am given a new clean white page for my life
I would draw on it the most beautiful things in my life
My Faith, my love, some poems
And would ask the Lord to let me scoop from them
All that he would allow and wish.
And would write on the page a list of my wrong deeds
And would ask the Lord
Not to let me know from them any amount
In order to live every minute of my life piously.

If I ..
But "if" opens the door of Satan
And I can through asking Allah for forgiveness
To pray that He opens the gates of mercy to pass
And I can through praising Allah for His countless graces
Ask the Gracious Lord
That the page of my life returns clean of all wrong deeds
Twinkling with lights and blessings.

Dubai in 2000