My Work - Poetry


1. Tyrants

Our lives are calculated by means of time
Counted in years ..
Days ..
But the lives of tyrants in this world
Are counted by the number of attempts to oust them
And not in years..
By the number of adversaries they execute
By the number of graves they dig
And not in days ..
By the number of drops of hot blood they shed
And not in seconds!

2. Will the Twain Ever Meet?
[In memory of the Victorian poet : Rudyard Kipling(1)]

The gap yet widens
Between the developing third world
And the developed first world :
The third world moves backward
Towards a fourth place -
At least materially;
The first world moves forward
Towards a zero!
At least spiritually.

3. In Black & White

The local couple strolled along the Khor
She wore a black abaya(2)
He wore a white dishdasha
But the iqal(3) on his white head cover was black
Signifying that she was the crown of his head,
Nay, of his heart!

(1) Kipling wrote in “The Ballad of East and West” :
“Oh, East is East, and West is West,
and never the twain shall meet.”
(2) abaya is the overdress used by ladies in some Arab countries, usually black in colour.
(3) Iqal is the headband worn by men in the UAE and the Gulf. It is normally black, but some of the learned men of religion wear a white iqal.

Dubai, 1996