My Work - Poetry

Butterflies and Roses

It is a butterfly that mastered the art of love
Fluttering its wings, circling over the hillocks.
Roses listen to its sweet talk attentively,
Swallowing its whispers as it flies,
For roses are like maidens in their habits -
Whispers in their ears intoxicate them.
It mumbles into the ear of a rose
The petals radiate with rosiness and fragrance
And suddenly they are embraced in a kiss
Each of them drunk in the arms of its lover.
But when the nectar has quenched its fire
It flies away looking for a new lover.
How many a dewdrop has trickled down the cheek of a rose
Her heart weeping at the infidelity of a butterfly.
It is a lesson for maidens
If only warnings could avail in love!

Birmingham, 1965