My Work - Poetry

Behind the Iron Curtain

I want to cry
But fear stops me, not pride,
On my chest rests a mountain of unhappiness.
* * * * *
I want to ask a question
But it’s impossible
For the shadows eavesdrop on every word.
* * * * *
I want to breathe, to be free
Or at least find some sufferable air,
For the chains are eating into the meat of my soul
And I am dying of suffocation.
* * * * *
I want to have a moment of peace
And dream of light born amongst the ruins.
A glimpse of light
Becoming a flood bursting the walls of darkness around me.
But all I hear is laughter resounding
In the pitch blackness,
Mocking me.
* * * * *
I want to have a moment of happiness.
I want ... and life scoffs at me
And pushes its spear between my ribs
* * * * *
I want to run away
O! Harder to attain than the feather in the
wing of a flying eagle
Or the glimmer of a mirage
For they have locked a thousand and one doors.
* * * * *
I want to escape
But how?
When in every corner lies a murdered corpse.
* * * * *
I want .. but .. but .. but
I shall seek deliverance
Even if blasted by a shower of bullets ..

Aden, 1971